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Partouze collective pour sonophanes

e818a96d47phanes Partouze collective pour sonophanes

Sitting in the lobby of a hotel, Christophe Clark sees two attractive female guests arrive. Then we see Marianne Aubert, a chambermaid, being accosted by Clark (in his waiter’s disguise) as she makes a bed. The bell boy has sex with the blonde guest, and so on and so on. Apart from the last name (Dunne Bert), the on-screen credits are identical to those of Écoles pour salopes très spéciales, that is Sonia Volle, Zaïda Moor, Jerome Zandron, Pascal Sifflet. Since Jérôme Vallin does appear it seems reasonable to assume that Jerome Zandron is meant to refer to him, but since the credits may have been re-used from yet a third film, it is unsafe to draw further conclusions. Free translation of the French cover text : “Princess Fatima El Ashram stays at the hotel Imperial et owns the most beautiful jewels of the world. The hotel becomes a centre of spies. To steel the jewels, they will replace the hotel employees and have an orgy together and learn to the princess all about pleasure and perversions….”

Lenght: 01:01:19

Year: 1985

Director: Gilbert Roussel

Christine Chavert

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