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Ebony Humpers

f340598bb2umpers Ebony Humpers

I found this boxcover pic on the internet, but the box is in rough shape, so I’m curious to see what a clammified version of it will look like.Heywood more than likely directed just the Charisma segment, as all of the other scenes were directed by Jeremy in the original 1986 film.This is a “new” version of Ebony Humpers, which originally came out in 1986. Basically, it has all of the same actors & scenes from the original film except for the Lois Ayers/Ron Jeremy scene. A new scene with Charisma (she was popular at the time) was inserted into the movie in it’s place. Leisure Time did a similar thing with Ebony Humpers 3, which I posted previously.

Lenght: 01:04:02

Year: 1986

Director: Ron Jeremy

Buffy Davis

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