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Morbida gier nach lust

def1332810h lust Morbida gier nach lust

The Mike Hunter box cover uses invented names for the female cast. A classical ménage à trois where jealousy gains the upper hand and leads to a disaster which just two characters will survive. The art dealer Giovanni is searching for Diane, a blonde girl with curly hair whom he has met at a party months ago. At his home he watches her pictures on a slide projector. The scene fades to the house of Signora Geli, an attractive longhaired blonde painter who has a relationship with her model Diane. The women are sitting on a bed kissing and fondling each other. Miss Geli then slips a finger onto Diane’s clit and starts eating her out.

Lenght: 01:10:31

Year: 1983

Director: Arduino Sacco

Laura Prati

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