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Double Crossings

ff1743d74essings Double Crossings

Remember the hit, “Crossing Over” from 1991? My guess is that the producers had some left-over film footage of Moana they wanted to use, so they inserted it into a story that has Marc Wallice as a detective, and Fantasia as his assistant. The opening triad with Moana, Jon Dough and Marc is average (even with a DP in it), but has no live sound whatsoever; just background music. Next, comes a segue as we are suddenly transported to Fantasia’s apartment, where she and lover Francesca Le do a double lick. After an inexplicable film clip of Moana, we finally reach this film’s highlight: Marc and Meekah, who do the nasty with fervor and style, even adding a little “rear entry” for variety. The tape ender with Marc and Fantasia lacks the passion necessary to make it sizzle.

Lenght: 01:14:02

Year: 1992

Director: N/A

Brooke Ashley

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