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Girl With The Heart-shaped Tattoo

0c6fe0859ftattoo Girl With The Heart shaped Tattoo

Toni English presents a tale of mistaken identity and crossed paths…that all lead to Melissa Hill and a heart-shaped tattoo at her breast. It seems Miss Hill was in the middle of a tattooing, when her gang leaves the parlor with another gang’s jackets. One contained her engagement ring. Another the key to a safe deposit box filled with $100 bills. Will the jackets get back to their rightful owners? Will Melissa and Tony have scorching sex in a car? Will she and Steve do it on a desk in an office? Will Felecia have three-way sex in a sex club? Will Debi do a seedy bathroom scene draped over a porcelain sink? The answer is five yes’s and one maybe.

Lenght: 01:25:51

Year: 1995

Director: Toni English

Candy Vegas

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