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Le Plaisir Total

464f76d648total Le Plaisir Total

The Ultimate O is the ultimate orgasm – or at least the box to this ponderous production so declares. Judging by its poor acting and hokey plot and dialogue, however, it would seem that the Ultimate O would not feel so good. The loose storyline evolves around a small hedonistic cult led by Paul Thomas and Stacy Donovan. Thomas possesses a private technique for giving his partner the ultimate orgasm. When he starts to feel too much, Donovan plots to discover the private and replace him. Much of the sex is orgy style with five or six in a bed. Some props are used as well. Both Paul Thomas and Herschel Savage have delivered much stronger performances in the past. Also, Stacy Donovan is not a strong enough actress to handle so much dialogue. She’s a great sexual performer, so why push it.

Lenght: 01:16:39

Year: 1985

Director: Lawrence T Cole

Kathy Thomas

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