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Double Power

29b197a69fpower Double Power

Christophe’s female students love his biology lessons but his girlfriend Claudette is suspicious, and with good reason. Chris is fondling Janette’s tits and fingering her. He spears each of her love chutes til’ his mate joins them to give her the sandwich. Meanwhile, Claudette writhes naked, wanking in the hall and listening to her mate Sally getting rogered. One, two and then three cocks in every hole brings Jane off. The jism gets washed down by three streams of rain. A lousy pianist gets his oats with a bald pussied babe who takes it up the bum. A three prick porking is in store for her too, and she’s covered in their cream. As Claudette tries to track down Chris, another couple of juicy trysts are on offer, a lezzie fist session, and one siren in a sixway who also gets on by the lads. When Claudette eventually gets hers with Chris, it’s a two cock sandwich session. She’s in heaven as both pricks unload into her mouth.


Year: 1990

Director: Moli

Starring: N/A

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