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The Love Garden

5649081ae5garden The Love Garden

The Eternal Triangle receives the Grand Smut treatment in this high-octane erotic tale of a horny male’s attempt to drive a six-inch wedge between a loving lesbian couple. Any film that opens with the beautiful BARBARA MILLS enjoying a sensuous “hands-on” shower might be said to promise a lot and The Love Garden keeps its promise, and then some. When Mike (JASON YUKON, a.k.a. Jason Scott) sets eyes on Clare swimming in the pool of their apartment complex, he gets the hallelujah-hots — and who wouldn’t? Clare, as played by the deliriously cute and cuddly LINDA YORK, is as delectible a morsel as ever graced a skin flick. But, as hard as he tries, Mike gets nowhere with her. Why? Because she’s already deeply committed to lesbo roommate Inez (Miss Mills). How do we know? In one of the steamiest sapphic scenes in Smut History, Claire and Inez explore each other’s honeypot with such exquisite tenderness that their pubic hairs stand up and their labia get gooseflesh! That’s how we know. Spurred to greater passion by the idea of making Claire a healthy hetero by means of some hellacious humping, Mike persists in his seduction. When Claire loses her regular job, he takes her on as his personal secretary. Before long they’re playing tennis and going on picnics and you know what that means. Yup, in an explicit sex scene that pushes the softcore envelope to the breaking point, Claire discovers the joys of making love to a man. When she goes down on Mike, very little is left to the Deviate imagination, and when Mike positions his sapphic converter at Claire’s quivering portal, Smut history has reached the living end. You can forget the all-too-serious subtext involving women’s lib, the male ego, and lesbian confusion. You can also forget the melodramatic denouement in which Claire chooses Inez over Mike and the two dykes ride off into the sunset together. But Linda York’s as-close-as-she-ever-came-to-hardcore sex scene with Mike’s dick, this you’ll never forget! If 1971 was a banner year for Smut, a temporal blip before the line between softcore and hardcore was clearly drawn, then The Love Garden is Smut’s standard-bearer, a contender for the title of All Time Great Sex Film.


Year: 1971

Director: Mark Haggard

Barbara Mills

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