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Sperm Crazy

17e7edbc8dcrazy Sperm Crazy

A sexy brunette with her tasty breasts on display reverse cowgirls, doggies and reverse cowgirl-anals her partner before taking a resounding facial. A sort of punkish, Molly Ringwaldish gal (except way prettier) gives some succulent head and tit fucks her partner before bumpin’ uglies with him. After a friend shows up, a d.p. ensues, capped off by and excellent double facial slog. Another beauty with superb melons gives a sizzling b.j. with great use of hands, and during her boob boffing, sweetly licks and sucks the head of her partner’s pork. Missionary, anal and a burnin’ d.p. follow. And the beat goes on…


Year: 1994

Director: Moli

Starring: N/A

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