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Trouble Down Below

072022c973below Trouble Down Below

Helen Heine has some serious Trouble Down Below. As she tells Dr. Bill, she “can only have a climax through anal sex,” and as Dr. Bill tells her, this could cost her her marriage “because her husband, Al, is an anal retentive.” Yes, that’s what he says. So husband Al boffs his mistress, Carol, and Helen bends over for Dr. Bill, who’s “sensitive to her needs.” Apparently, Dr. Bill is sensitive to the needs of all his patients, for he organizes “a group grope” to accommodate the epidemic satyriasis which these guys and gals seem to suffer from. And guess what, folks? It turns out to be just what the doctor ordered! Helen Heine is played by West Coast Anal Legend Connie Peterson. Those deviates out there who know Miss Peterson’s asshole from her extensive loop work will no doubt be glad to see her in this starring role in a feature film. Though she can’t act, the Deviate feels obliged to point out that Connie’s anus has made the transition from silents to talkies in fine fettle!


Year: 1981

Director: Mansfield Warwick

Connie Peterson

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