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Love For Sale

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Rick Cassidy and two stud buddies drop in at a suburban track house of ill repute in the quirky ’70s sexathon Love for Sale. Madame Amaryllis complains to them about hard times in the oldest profession, then brings out Rachel, Venus, Carmen, and Desiree, who proceed to introduce themselves, each in turn, like the first day of school. These intros, intercut with reaction shots of the studs, is some kind of funny. Madame Amaryllis conducts the whole business like a Tupperware party, but when one of the dudes brags that he plans to “fuck her till her eye teeth come out,” the school-teacherly Madame whacks him over the head with a double-dildo: “cute man, there will be no vulgarity in this house!” The Deviate doesn’t know whether that follows falls into the category of the vulgar or not, and he didn’t notice any eye teeth falling out, but the fucking and sucking is boner fide ’70s hardcore. In between sessions, Carmen does a complete Latin song and dance number in the spirit of the late, great Miranda.


Year: 1973

Director: Simon L. Egree

Becky Sharpe

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