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Spy Eye

9fb08d9cf9py eye Spy Eye

Off to Europe on business, millionaire Mr. Cavanaugh hires private dick Dick Scott to keep an electronic Spy Eye on his “nympho wife” Sheila, who’s been “screwing around with everyone — man, woman, dog,…” as well as girl Jean, who’s “technically a virgin.” A clever voice-over narration, in the spirit of ’40s film noir, adds to the fun. As Scott installs his absurdly obvious bugging devices in the Cavanaugh home, we are told that he had “that joint so staked out, a dust particle couldn’t have ridden in on a gnat’s ass.” But the Great Scott has a flaw: “Dick’s problem was pretty obvious — it stuck out like a sore thumb and throbbed twice as hard. So he begins his surveillance by screwing the Cavanaugh maid, and concludes his surveillance by screwing the Cavanaugh wife — who’s a babe and a half, by the way — and winds up screwing himself when “Daddy Warbucks” catches him flagrante delicto… Among the revelers, watch for ANNETTE (Room for Rent) MICHAEL, who plays the “big-titted Swede” Inga, the masseuse whose massages make “Lady Chatterley’s Lover look like a girl scout manual!”


Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Annette Michael

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