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a3de368bb4uckula Suckula

In a comedic sex pulp men’s magazine format, in a very “Monty Python” style, the entire film is told from the position of a news reporter named “George Smutnam” in New York, relating the strange Vampiric happenings in Los Angeles, compiled by adventurous cameramen at great risk to themselves, chronicling alleged Vampire activity. From the phallic cologne bottle commercial featuring masturbating model “Laura-Jean”, to the efforts of Dracula / Suckula the fanged actor actually has a necktie instead of the usual bow-tie seducing several maidens, and indulging in both mutually-pleasurable oral and other fetishes particularly a very talented cute lady with a perfectly-placed Stranger’s Mark; an amusing Folger’s coffee commercial featuring a couple sharing their intimate relations; to “Sandra Van Ocre” a hilariously mustached man in drag for an abrupt interview with “Rodney Alucard the 3rd”, a direct descendant of Count Dracula. Then on to a parody of those “Go see Cal” Worthington car ads, complete with modified lyrics and a Negro girl; then back to Sandra for an interview with a female vampire named “Moona Lisa” who virtually cannibalizes her/him; now please view your monitor for another seemingly gratuitous scene of a couple having sex, when the girl surprisingly turns into a vampire; then a final exchange with Sandra who meets a predictably temporary demise by the fangs of Alucard and Moona.


Year: 1973

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Brigitte Maier

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