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Jaime Les Grosses Legumes

540acb8ff9egumes Jaime Les Grosses Legumes

The movie starts with Brigitte Lahaie having a good sex party with her lover, at the end they decide to leave together ? So I suppose the next scene is a look back where we see that Brigitte looks as a unhappy household, because her husband does not take enough care of her sexual needs, she masturbates with vegetables before using them for the soap, she has a very hot telephone conversation with her lover whom then visits her to make love in the kitchen while her husband relax making erotic dreams about lesbians, so when he wakes up he is so hot that he makes love to his wife. Then, no idea why, 2 female friends come to visit them, followed by 2 guys and they have a nice orgy. After the orgy, Brigitte sulks because her husband likes women too much?!?


Year: 1977

Director: Alain Thierry

Brigitte Lahaie

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