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Uncut Diamond

d0a02b5894iamond Uncut Diamond

Satire and sex mix pretty well in Uncut Diamond. The setting, a TV magazine show, sets up stores with a sexual bent. Unfortunately, neither Debi Diamond nor Tianna are comic actresses with a penchant for snap delivery of timing. But this shortcoming is more than made up in several ways; the girls deliver steamy sex. Debi is in three of the four scenes, and it’s her show all the way, the standout being her girl-girl with Mandi Wine. Tianna, one of the best of this year’s many newcomers, continues to show that she is not destined to be another nameless face in the crowd. Other quality directors such as John Stagliano have already picked up on this. Her opening scene with Jerry Butler is a winner. Comedy honors must go to Robert Bullock (in a Mike Horner-like whacko scene) and especially to Rick Savage as Geraldo Riverweasel in non-sex performances.


Year: 1990

Director: Scotty Fox

Debi Diamond

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