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The Imposter

5cb7d14cbeposter The Imposter

A former nurse who’s been traumatized by sex with a hospital patient, seeks help from The Imposter, a shrink who proceeds to screw her on a gurney. Folks, the Big Tease is on here in an inimitable ’70s style, and the laughs are legion. Everyone keeps saying, “You look different today, Doc,” and the sexual shenanigans take their inevitable course. One of the patients has been fucked by a gorilla (which we duly see in flashback). Naturally, our phony doctor has some monkey business of his own in store for her. Two breathtaking Venice-beach blondes suffer from lesbomania, and Doc prescribes peenie-barbitol. By the time the real shrink shows up, everyone, including the imposter himself, has been sexually traumatized. You, however, will be delighted.


Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Jane Tsentas

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