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My Secretary I Love

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J.J. Sachs is too much into his business reports and not enough into his wife. As a result, she’s on the sauce — and on a huge pink dildo, as well. Pretty soon, she exchanges that big pink dildo for the mustachioed gardener’s big pink hose. But hubby J.J. is not only into his reports. He’s also into secretary Joyce (LILLY FOSTER), who’s very good at taking dictation, as it were. His other secretary, Alice, is at home in bed with a cold. She calls in sick — which rhymes with dick — and that’s really what she’s home in bed with. (Her boyfriend’s, that is.) Now that makes three couplings, three sex scenes, all going on simultaneously, and the film simply shifts back and forth between these three Tor the rest of the way. But, oh, what a way!


Year: 1973

Director: Jack O. Vive

Lilly Foster

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