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Organ Juice

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Organ Juice is a real hoot. MARC STEVENS (again) cums on his girlfriend’s face and, the next morning, her pimples are gone! “A million-dollar idea!” Stevens calls it. “Let’s bottle it!” Thus, Organ Juice! All his friends are invited in on it and collecting Organ Juice becomes the order of the day. The dialogue here is hilarious. Stevens gives a couple of speeches about how to turn Organ Juice into a million-dollar idea that are positively priceless. In addition, ERIC EDWARDS hams it up as a stereotypical flaming gay executive secretary to Sophie (not Helena) Rubenstein. Their banter about Fire Island is a riot, after which they fuck on her desk. It just so happens that the Rubenstein corporation is looking for a natural, organic blemish cream. So guess what happens next? Yup! Organ Juice! Better yet, watch what happens next. The Deviate got a major kick out of this one, a ’70s hardcore comedy that’s really hot and funny. You’ll no doubt want to donate some Organ Juice of your own!


Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Erica Eaton

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