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Sex Mood Ring

b896d0579cd ring Sex Mood Ring

A rather subdued Ric Lutze gives his girlfriend a Sex Mood Ring in grateful appreciation of a super-duper blowjob. She rubs the ring, the camera goes out of focus, then voila’. Her wildest sex fantasies come true! She even manages to change into a variety of other women: “Boy, that was fun,” she says. “Can’t wait to see who I’ll be next!” Basically, she just wanders around LaLa Land, rubbing the ring, changing into other gals and getting fucked (while minimalist atonal, vaguely Eastern music plays) until she finds herself back on Ric’s dick again. But check out the little blonde in the third fantasy — she could give Michelangelo’s David a boner!


Year: 1979

Director: N/A

Pat Manning

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