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Erotic City

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This is the city… the EROTIC CITY. Here the hot, pulsating beat of the music blends with the throbbing tempo and driving rhythm of the street to incite new heights of sexual passion and desire. On this typically torrid day, a corporate battle is about to be laid wide open at Kingsley Industries. Who wins and who loses? Take a lusty look for yourself in the X-Rated soap opera that makes “Dynasty” look like “Captain Kangaroo!”Delicious Desiree (Laurie Smith) is the scheming strumpet trying to take over Fred Kingsley’s (Jamie Gillis) company… and she’ll stop at nothing! First she seduces a sexy stockholder (Joey Silvera)… then she blackmails Fred’s promiscuous wife (Joanna Storm) with a scandalous video tape of her illicit affairs… And then she sweet-talks legendary Shelly (Amber Lynn) in a girl-girl tryst that really starts tongues wagging.The sex and intrigue continue at a fever pitch! Dow Jones averages go through the roof in EROTIC CITY!

Lenght: 01:26:08

Year: 1985

Director: Robert McCallum

Amber Lynn

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