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Girls Will Be Boys 2

354f9966c5boys 2 Girls Will Be Boys 2

Here we go again… If you thought part one was hot, just wait till you feast your eyes on this ALL GIRL ANAL EXTRAVAGANZA! Part one was only a tease when you compare it with this awesome feature. It’s the best looking girls doing what only men have done! You’re about to witness the most biz-arre tail of pure, unadulterated girl/girl sex ever. It’s non-stop dildo inserting, tongue licking, finger fricking passion ever to be seen on any screen. Only a mind like Duck Dumont could envision this kind of action! Prepare yourself for the absolute in all girl action because this is… Girls Will Be Boys, Part 2!

Lenght: 01:17:59

Year: 1992

Director: Duck Dumont

Ashley Dunn

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