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Girls Of Double D 8

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Director John Stagliano brings us this excellent little sexvid from 1989, a silly feature that delivers lots of first-rate hardcore action. The story revolves around a struggling bra company, whose chief designer has been having trouble keeping up with the prodigious demands of a burgeoning marketplace. In other words, he can’t seem to figure out a way to properly support the gigantic boobs of the company’s clients. It seems that he’s only holding onto his job due to his yeoman’s work in the sack with the company’s ultra-breasty owner Busty Belle. Things take a turn for the better when they hire warehouse boy Francois Papillon. He’s got a few radical ideas of his own for better ways to support their sweater-busting clients, but spends most of his time pining after shapely receptionist Kascha. Of course, everything works out at the end, and along the way we get scene after scene of tremendously top-heavy tarts doing what they do best. Trinity Loren shines in a doggy-style dalliance with some lucky stiff, while luscious Ebony Ayes takes on a randy white rascal in a steamy interracial tryst. The hottest scene in the flick, though, has got to be the climactic coupling of Kascha and Papillon, a real-life couple whose passion comes through loud and clear. This is one of the best big-boob flicks of the 80s, a tantalizing testament to the allure of enormously buxom beauties.

Lenght: 01:09:45

Year: 1989

Director: John Stagliano

Busty Belle

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