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Jill Ein Feuchtfrohliches Madchen

72bde82238adchen Jill Ein Feuchtfrohliches Madchen

Jill comes home from the girls’ internat. Her mom is a baroness and there is also the gay butler Petti. When Jill takes a bath, she tests if Petti is really gay; he isn’t She goes with her girlfriends to a discoand they get into trouble with a criminal gigolo-gang, which want to have sex with them. Jill can run away and meetsa Charles-Bronson-lookalike; they make love in front of the fireplace.. Then she goes with her friends to a photo-studio and has there groupsex in all variations. There is also a photo-session with her best girlfriend inblacks stockings and so ends the movie

Lenght: 01:14:16

Year: 1977

Director: Reiner Bronneke

Gina Janssen

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