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Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 45

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It’s hair pie, served up ’60s style! A voluptuous pixie brunette, opens for inspection… A bouffant platinum blonde, with a lovely rounded blonde-all-over… A lustily trashy, pretty, pouty, high heel blonde with perfect cupcake breasts… A chatty short haired blonde in go-go boots and knit mini dress… And a pouty blonde with dark bush! Later, a curvy brunette with a babydoll face isn’t shy about sharing her hairy little legend… Several more brunettes get personal, before a beehive blonde shows off a curvy bottom, cute cupcakes and much more! ’60s sin continues with a hugely busty , cute blonde… A big hair, busty Ann Margaret ish dark-blonde lounging on a pillow flung bed… a beehive dark blonde with a lovely figure… Then meet another dark-blonde, slender but shapely, amid her psychedelic posters… A long-dark-haired chick, nicely busty, with a rounded backside, showing off her music box… A pretty pouty blonde in red satin and white leggings… And a Barbara Hershey-ish hippie chick playing peek-a boo with her privates. Next up: a pretty Traci Lord ish, reddish-blonde in black nylons with pretty conical breasts… A slightly pudgy but appealing blonde rolling around on her bed… A pretty blonde doing a five-finger exercise… And a pixie tousled blonde who comes in from a swim and checks herself out.

Lenght: 01:56:46

Year: 1969

Director: N/A

Starring: N/A

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