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Lesbian Bra Busters Of The 1980s

20efce15a41980s Lesbian Bra Busters Of The 1980s

Your favorite 80′s glamour dolls get down sucking pussy and playing with each other’s huge tits. Unforgettable scenes from the early days of video including young Trinity Loren, 18-year-old Christie Canyon, DD cupper Keli Stewart, and gorgeous … Full Descriptionobscure stars like Joan Lake and Jacqueline Lorians. Rachel Ashley coaxes multiple orgasms out of her girlfriends slippery little pussy on a horny boat ride. Also includes bonus Kitten Natividad XXX loop and a gallery of the 80′s hottest lesbians!

Lenght: 02:04:02

Year: 1990

Director: N/A

Christy Canyon

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