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c31130aa94ezebel Jezebel

Able to Lure men & women into her evil web of Passion. Throughout history one name, by it’s very mention, has been able to not only strike fear but also electrify man’s sexual desire. Songs have been written about her, books recount her cunning. Her name, of course is JEZEBEL. Able to lure men and women into her evil web of passion, Jezebel plays with her beauty, destroys wither guile. And so it is with our modern-day enchantress, as you shall see in this brilliant film, JEZEBEL. But she was not always so…the transformation comes about through a mysterious figure who suddenly appears before her in a spectacular flash of light & color. He promises to fulfill her every sexual fantasy…& experience every erotic pleasure known to man or woman. But she must eventually pay the price for causing such sweet anguish to her sexual partners-and a spectacular price it is! JEZEBEL, JEZEBEL-you mock mankind, yet mankind is doomed to love you.

Lenght: 01:08:11

Year: 1979

Director: Joseph Blanski

Chris Landau

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