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Beyond Innocence

7ac636b150ocence Beyond Innocence

Tiara and Raven Richards are the wickedly beautiful seasoned thieves out to get what they want – by any means. As luck would have it they are caught red handed during a break in by two female cops – played by the sultry Lauren Brice and the sensational Britanny Morgan. In the ensuing struggle Raven manages to escape the long arm of the law and finds herself in a steamy downtown club as a temporary refuge away from her pursuers. There she meets the innocent and unsuspecting Suzie Bartlett and a diabolical plan begins to form in her mind. Raven and her new friend go back that evening to Raven’s apartment where Suzie gets a taste of the forbidden pleasures to come. In the early hours of the morning Suzie is startled by the cops but Raven is nowhere to be found. Suzie is seized and arrested against her wild pleas of innocence. A nightmare of pleasure is about to begin. How will she escape from behind the bars of this Hell-Hole? Not before she satisfies the dark cravings of sex starved inmates and crosses the line… Beyond Innocence.

Lenght: 01:11:11

Year: 1990

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Britt Morgan

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