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Breakin In

3587ca4ae6kin in Breakin In

Greg and Brad are two wild and horny guys who never seem to get enough sex! Their fantasies are all they have on Saturday night when they watch X rated films at home. The guys decide to solve this dilemma by going to Hollywood and try breakin ‘into the porn biz. When their plan for porno stardom falls short, they decide to open their own studio and audition young succulent starlets on their own casting couch. Soon the dry spells is over for our studley directors! Hot horny starlets dying to break into the business freely audition themselves to see if they have the right stuff. The guys closely screen each and every lovely lady to see who will be breakin ‘into the lusty life of porno stardom.

Lenght: 01:09:23

Year: 1986

Director: Jerome Tanner

Jeanna Fine   
Nina Hartley   
Shanna McCullough   
Sharon Mitchell   
Siobhan Hunter   
Taija Rae   
Hershel Savage   
Joey Silvera   
John Leslie   
Randy Paul   

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