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Alban Ceray, Serena, Morgane in vintage fuck clip

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Alban Ceray, Serena, Morgane in vintage fuck clip

★ Serena was a gorgeous redhead porn actress whose career lasted from the early 1970s up until the late 1980s. She lived for a while in Hawaii when she was a little girl and took both dance and voice lessons as a kid. She ran away from home while still a teenager and wound up in Los Angeles. She worked as a waitress prior to being discovered by an adult movie make-up artist. Serena started out as a model and did nude pictorials for such men’s magazines as “Hustler,” “High Society,” “Oui” and “Gallery.” With her cute face, toothy overbite, strawberry blonde hair, creamy pale complexion and knockout slim but shapely figure, Serena became a significant star attraction in hardcore films. Her spirited and uninhibited willingness to engage in all kinds of wild on-screen carnal activities further added to her considerable fame. She was the girlfriend of legendary porno star Jamie Gillis for two years in the late 1970s and made several films with him that are notable for their extreme sexual content (she often assumed the passive role in explicit S&M-themed sex scenes with Gillis). She was briefly married to porn actor Thomas Blaquelord and the couple had a daughter named Lucy Sky Diamond Blaquelord in 1977 they eventually divorced. After quitting the porn business, Serena pursued an art career specializing in erotic paintings in the San Francisco Bay area. Born: January 1, 1991. Birth Name Serena Robinson. Years active: 2012 – Present.. Filmography: Chuck & Di in Heat | 1984 Anal Annie and the Backdoor Housewives (Video) | 1984 Cherry Ettes for Hire (Video) | 1984 Hot Ones (Video) | 1984 Blue Voodoo (Video) | Leslie (uncredited) | 1984 Fantasy Follies II (Video) | Serena | 1983 Fantasy Follies (Video) | Actress with Teddy Bear | 1983 Swedish Erotica 45 | 1983 Inspirations | Mary Ann | 1983 Fantasex Island | The Saloon Girl / The Maid’s Mother | 1982 Anticipation | Serena | 1981 All the King’s Ladies | 1981 Every Which Way She Can | Stripper – Woman in Coatroom | 1981 Passion Toys | 1981 Sexual Heights | Blonde in First Video | 1981 Swedish Erotica 10 | 1981 Swedish Erotica 2 | 1981 Swedish Erotica 8 | 1981 Trashi | Prostitute 2 | 1981 Undulations | First Blonde with Jamie | 1981 Extremes | Auditioning Actress | 1981 Captives (Video) | Leticia | 1981 Never So Deep | Mr. Heffer’s Secretary | 1980 Chained | 1980 Hot Love | 1980 Night Flight | 1980 Sensuous Caterer | 1980 Serena: An Adult Fairytale | Cindy (as Her Serene Highness The Princess Serena) | 1980 Co-Ed Fever | Janice | 1980 Aunt Peg | Susan – the Secretary | 1980 Insatiable | Renee | 1980 Les nymphomanes | Stewardess | 1980 The Sensuous Detective | 1980 Le retour des veuves | 1980 Night of the Juggler | Peep Show Barker (as Serena Blacquelord)
2015-03-19 04:36:03
Duration: 516sec.

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