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Houston, Rebecca Lord, T.T. Pupil modish oldness screw moving-picture show

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Houston, Rebecca Lord, T.T. Boy in vintage fuck scene

Rebecca Lord was born on February 16, 1973 in Paris, France.

★ Personal history: Formerly starting Paris, France, Lord attended provincial faculty whilst rising positive, an knowledge she says led her to be converted into a stanch atheistic. As a childish grown, she was a make-up actor, till 1993, as she answered a production advert hunt a mannequin pro a pornographic flick aimed at near Patrice Cabanel. Modish her original films, she appeared below the obloquy “Rebecca Carre” and “Rebecca Bruns”. Modish 1994, French boss David Caroll gave her the initiate identify “Rebecca Lords” as a meaning to Traci Lords. Whilst itemizing her identify within the credit, still, he mistakenly mislaid the “S”, and her identify turned “Rebecca Lord”, which she has utilised always in view of the fact that. Rebecca has made greater than 200 difficult masculinity movies. As she stirred to USA, she has washed-out most of her instance modish La Vegas and Ny Municipality effective including American porn studios. Her specialty has permanently been her capability to countenance truly beguiling modish every her films. Her impact modish Masculinity Around the globe: France near Grave Pixxx was excellent. Rebecca has been together with her spouse because the get older of 17.

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Duration: 403sec.

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