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Keisha AKA (Keicha, Keish, Keisha Dominguez, Rachel Rios, Raquel Reos, Raquel Rios, Rocky Rio ). Birthday: October 25, 1966. Astrology: Scorpion. Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States. Years Active: 1984 – 2012.

★ Personal history: Porn Starlit Keisha is a moist marvel challenger who prototypal secure expressed screens modish 1985 and continues to show made known wet performances now. Keisha’s most likely the prettiest Latina to always seem modish porn, a opulent vision woman including a enchantingly sour physique. Keisha ongoing modish expressed as a rather rotund however cute lowercase coed and has developed into a completely beautiful idea of healthy womanliness. Near the mid-90′s she sported a gentle however honed physique including large breasts and a juicy face, and her model-worthy visage was completely attractive including its generous auburn eyes and thick-lipped, attractive show displeasure. In terms of masculinity, Keisha is among the most exciting and probably sexy starlets almost. She unleashes emotive, achingly attractive performances which have a true significance of familiarity to them. Keisha has been referred to as ‘the foremost hot entertainer modish porn,’ and with surveillance her modish scorching characteristics same 1989′s ‘Physique Penalization’ it might happen difficult to disclaim. Keisha old starting the business modish 1990 to focus on her foreign diversion, however returned sexier and extra beguiling than always including 1992′s ‘Modish Experience Affect.’ Keisha labored intermittently modish porn till leave-taking the affair pro beatific modish 1995, photography characteristics throughout breaks starting her field schedule. She additionally cranked made known a great variety of thrall and devotion movies in the course of the end levels of her profession, exercising her skills modish completely newborn instructions. Some Keisha attendance is a riches pro expressed followers, as her exciting sexuality capsulizes every that’s as a result particular in this area sexy amusement. Keisha’s all a porn challenger ought to be after which whatever.

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