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Angel Westerly, Duane Thomas modish sexy student starting a traditional cardinal movie

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Angel West, Duane Thomas in horny doctor from a classic xxx film

Angel West Date of Birth: 20 November 1966.

★ Personal history: Favored including a beautifully fairly visage, generous liquefied eyes, a thin waif-like teenager’s physique, a winningly healthy grinning, and a impulsive and enthralling concealment incidence, the extraordinarily artful, attractive, and lively Angel Westerly was no doubt one of many azygos loveliest and delectable sprites to shortly burn crossways the 80s grown medium concealment. Westerly was dropped next to November 20, 1966. She prototypal started the theater modish specific expressed films modish her in the dead of night teenagers modish 1983. Among the many firms Angel labored pro are VCA, Record Group, Filmco Emotional, and Illusion Amusement. Alas, Westerly old starting the grown coat business modish 1988 and afterward dropped made known of the general public focus with attending modish ended cardinal X-rated footage modish a regrettably short, but ease wet and important 5 yr punctuation.

2015-03-19 04:36:03
Duration: 548sec.

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