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Tigr, Ruler Paul, R.J. Reynolds modish traditional screw moving-picture show

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Tigr, King Paul, R.J. Reynolds in classic fuck scene

Tigr AKA ( Ann St. James, Chelsea, Chelsea Mancester, Chelsea Manchester, Chelsea McClane, Cynthia Lee, Tieger, Tig’n, Tig’r, Tiger, Tiger Minette, Tigger McCormack, Tigr Mennet, Tigr Mennett, Tigra ). Birthday: December 15, 1957. Astrology: Sagittarius. Birthplace: n/a. Years Active: 1980 – 2007.

★ Personal history: In the course of the in the dead of night 1970′s and ahead of schedule 1980′s, Porn Starlit Tigr was some of the wellknown of the youthful-looking porn starlets. She had a stunning, extremely innocent-seeming visage, including large eyes and a glance of wholesome sexed astonishment with the intention of was enticingly sexy. Tigr’s fairly visage compounded including a teenage-style, small-breasted, tight-bottomed physique with the intention of was amazing to see. Tigr was additionally incredibly a great player, building her the maturity selection of her epoch to mess about the young-girl-gets-introduced-to-sex roles which have permanently been a fix of the expressed business. Tigr’s panache pro child roles received her a lot of scorching impact, together with an element within the traditional sexvid ‘Not anything To cover.’ She twisted modish a humanities and really sexy rendezvous including Richard Pacheco with the intention of’s probably the greatest of the coat. Certainly one of her most off-beat roles got here modish 1982′s ‘Scoundrels.’ Tigr performed the girl of an over-sexed household, prototypal partaking a hot trinity, at that time pretending to happen a floozy and dealing ended a temporary man. Thumbs down intruder to the charms of Homosexual sexing, Tigr appeared in a single of the foremost sexy woman/woman scenes of the last decade modish 1982′s ‘Peaches And Toiletries,’ taking over Annette Place of protection modish a ordering with the intention of mitt audience dyspneal. Tigr mitt the vista modish ahead of schedule 1988 with attending modish substantially ended 50 characteristics. Her beautiful attractiveness and immediately exciting expertise are ease substantially remembered, although.

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Duration: 906sec.

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