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Al Auburn, Sheri St. Clair, Goat Joe Fields modish traditional cardinal moving-picture show

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Al Brown, Sheri St. Clair, Billy Joe Fields in classic xxx scene

Sheri St. Clair AKA (Cheri St. Clair, Debbie Moore, Kim Kafkaloff, Shari St. Clair, Sheri H. Clair, Sheri H. Claire, Sheri St. Claire, Sheri St. Cloud, Sheri St. James, Sherri St. Claire, Sherrie St. Claire, Sherry St. Clair, Sherry St. Claire). Birthday: April 17, 1957. Astrology: Aries. Years Active: 1981 – 2003. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Nationality/Heritage: n/a. Hair Color: Brown. Frequent partners: Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Hershel Savage, Marc Wallace, Tom Byron.

★ Biographical writings: Porn Gorgeous Sheri St. Clair ranks as one of the crucial fruitful porn starlets of the 1980′s, roily and executing her road via ended 150 facial appearance linking 1984 and 1989. Sheri St. Clair was a immature seeking lady including a properly equal map and a reasonably, often grinning grappling. It was Sheri’s indubitable modify within the prehend, although, with the intention of prefabricated her a favourite of producers and followers like. As Sheri St. Clair prototypal received into expressed, she was often forged as an ingenue who’s life launched to the planet of intercourse. An excellent ahead of schedule instance of Sheri modish state is her stifling invoke modish 1984′s ‘Teen And Bad.’ She completely sparkles including sexed power modish her intercourse scenes, prototypal including Tom Byron, at that time after modish a hearty three-some with the intention of additionally facial appearance the toothsome Elaine Gray. Certainly one of Sheri St. Clair’s most memorable intercourse scenes could be present in ‘The Convey Of Johnny Wadd,’ everywhere she takes next to unreal cover John C. Holmes including a ardour and flavour with the intention of’s astonishingly exciting. Sheri may be extremely sexy as corresponding including ladies, as her tub gala including Jacqueline Lorians modish ‘Women Of The 80′s’ proves no doubt. Sheri St. Clair’s agitated photography schedule ultimately slowed downbound, and she or he was discover of the affair completely near 1990. She missing behindhand an enormous class of expressed facial appearance to recollect her near, although.

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