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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Linda Lovelace, Ruin Reems, Toy Intense modish traditional porn video recording

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Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems, Dolly Sharp in classic porn clip

Harry Reems AKA ( Bob Walters, Bruce Gilchrist, Harî Rîmusu, Harry Reams, Harry Reemes, Harry Rheems, Herb Streecher, Herb Streicher, Herb Stryker, Jim Greos, Ned Reems, Peter Long, Peter Straight, Richard Hurt, Stan Freemont, Tim Long ). Birthday: August 27, 1947. Astrology: Virgin. Birthplace: New York, United States. Years Active: 1970 – 2010. Continue reading

Blackness Ayes, Tony El-Ay modish sensible gorgeous of traditional sleeping around motion pictures Blackness Ayes

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Ebony Ayes, Tony El-Ay in brilliant star of classic sex movies Ebony Ayes

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Melodie Touching, Centrine, Cheryl modish oldness porn film

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Melodie Kiss, Centrine, Cheryl in vintage porn movie

Melodie Kiss Performer AKA:(Jenny Karsloff or Tina Dubois, Anita Solange, Melodie, Loulou Castel, Melody Kiss, Anita, Anita Mendoza). Birthday: n/a. Astrology: n/a. Birthplace: n/a. Years Active: 1989 – 1995. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Nationality/Heritage: n/a. Hair Color: Brown. Measurements: n/a. Frequent partners: Jean-Pierre Armand, Laura Valerie, Philippe Soine, Penelope Valentin, Christine Rigoler. Filmography: Anita – Die Unersättliche 1989 Anita 3 – Bizarre Games Magma 1992 Bourgeoise Le Jour Pute La Nuit Magma 1991 Girls Around The World 21: Tawny Peaks And Friends 1995 Kied-napped VTO1989. Continue reading