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Vanessa: Maid in Manhattan

de27014f6ahattan Vanessa: Maid in Manhattan

Frustrated that her acting career is not as challenging as her college years, Brooke Fields (portraying herself) takes a break from Hollywood by staying with distant family friends in New York City. Before her arrival, the Latin maid casually enters Jack the father’s bed and sleeps with him while his oblivious wife Jeanette is in the very next room talking to him. The rich family is bankrupt and so Jeanette plans to get her son Rick married to the promising actress Brooke. She sets up a dinner but her porn actress daughter Jill is late after the family’s handyman complies to practice a scene with her. When she finally arrives, Brooke already left to talk with Jeanette’s niece Mark, whose mother Billie also counts on him marrying Brooke. Jeanette, who gives up on the dinner in frustration, tells the handyman to sleep with her or else get fired, only to end up firing him anyway for bad performance. But at night, it is the older Jack with whom Brooke fantasizes about sleeping. Even more so, the following day it is Jill who takes Brooke to a spa’s hot tub and hits on her with success. Rick and Mark show up afterward. Brooke seems to like Rick, so Mark heads back in defeat to his mother Billie. His overbearing mother takes advantage of his feelings of defeat with women to sleep with him herself. After Rick’s Latin maid teases his sexual inexperience, Rick reveals his suspicion about her having an affair with his father. Nevertheless, he says he likes her and also respects their privacy, so he wouldn’t tell her off to his mother. This makes the Latin maid change her mind about his maturity and she sleeps with him too. Later on, he gets more intimate with Brooke and she decides to sleep with him as well. He then comes clean about the plan to marry her. Brooke immediately dumps him and leaves NYC in her limo. She has the driver stop spontaneously for a hitchhiker, who is amazed when she pulls down his pants and lets him find himself on the receiving end of a celebrity blow-job, before she throws him out unceremoniously.

Lenght: 01:23:08

Year: 1984

Director: Henri Pachard

Vanessa del Rio

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