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The Final Test

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Sam, who pretends to be blind, also pretends to order his maid to have sex with him. Alas, he knows it’s his mother Claudia who herself just pretends to be the maid to get the same thing. The family’s African American chauffeur blackmails a fellatio from Claudia in front of her “blind” son in order not to tell the father Gordon about what’s going on. Meanwwhile, Sam’s two female friends, Fran and Judy, have sex with each other (initially by employing foreign objects). Fran then takes the role of a dominatrix with another guy and Judy alternating in the submissive roles. It is revealed the cheating Claudia is also cheated upon by her husband Gordon. The chauffeur takes Sam into his friends. As they see the action, Sam comes clean to the driver and makes him keep the secret because of what the chauffeur does to his mother. They then join the action. Claudia demands answers when she sees her husband’s lover Lina, but Gordon retaliates by locking up Claudia’s face in a bondage mask, spreading her wide with a bondage device and anally raping her with his lover’s assistance. The family eventually reassemble in front of their car. Sam stops claiming he’s blind, the parents get back together and Sam is joined up by his father’s lover.

Lenght: 00:56:33

Year: 1978

Director: Ron Dorfman

Jamie Gillis

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