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The Incredible Edible Christy Canyon

8c63a3802dcanyon The Incredible Edible Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon is one of the all-time legends of erotic entertainment, a lushly curvaceous beauty whose breathtaking good looks are only matched by her energetic lust for life. Christy shares her magnificent mams with all comers in this scintillating collection, proving herself to be as sex-hungry as she is top-heavy! She shines in a come-hither quintet of scenes, letting loose with every ounce of sultry sizzle at her decadent disposal. Christy’s boundless enthusiasm keeps her partners on their toes from start to feverish finish, and her curvalicious allure has never been so undeniably displayed. This one’s a ravishingly real treat for anyone into buxom beauties and full-throttle frolicking.

Lenght: 01:09:47

Year: 1995

Director: Bruce Seven

Christy Canyon

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