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Nina Hartley Non-stop

Nina Hartley was one of the best-loved, most highly respected sex stars of any era, a beautiful and outspoken woman who always brought energy and enthusiasm to the table — or the bed or the bathtub! She was a starlet who loved her work-and it showed. Here she sizzles her sexy way through a series of scintillating scenes that represent the passionate pinnacle of her carnal career. Nina’s infectious lust for life drives each scene relentlessly forward as she takes on all comers. Whether matched up with men or women, she leaves it all on the lascivious line, leaving a trail of worn-out partners behind her. Nina Hartley’s legendary status is confirmed with this white-hot collection of searing segments.

Lenght: 01 h 25 min 40 sec

Year: 1988

Director: N/A

Nina Hartley

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