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Touch Of Genie

c2ac93c26bgenie Touch Of Genie

This is a rather strange, yet funny movie. It is a Jewish Comedy set in New York, and also a Fantasy and Sex movie.
Confused yet?
The movie centers around Melvin, a Nebbish who runs a small store from the house he shares with his mom. And his single pleasure in life seems to be going to porn theatres in Times Square which he watches with silly Groucho Marx type glasses so nobody recognizes him.
The one day he finds a bottle, and when he rubs the inside of the jar, a genie appears. He is given 5 wishes, and then proceeds to use them to wish himself to appear as several different porn stars, each enacting a different fantasy.
This movie is unique, in that the main character himself never has sex, but does it in the image of several different performers. Harry Reems, Levi Richards, and Marc Stevens.
Will Melvin find love? Will he find lust? Watch the movie and find out.

Lenght: 01:22:33

Year: 1974

Director: Joe Sarno

Lynn Stevens

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