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Tracis Big Trick

52a20bfc9ctrick Tracis Big Trick

The true story behind the headlines about a gorgeous young girl whose unsatiable ambition and wild eroticism led her on a meteoric rise from cover girl to the reigning queen of the adult film industry. This is a real life account of how people get caught up in a blistering inferno of lust and greed are manipulated by the deliciously wicked porn queen Traci. The inside story of how Traci’s ability to neotiate helped push the adult film world to new heights of popularity while concealing her deadly “secret” from the world. However, when Traci’s Big Trick was exposed, an entire industry plummeted toward ruin. An erotic film adventure of incredible sexual energy that will leave viewers shocked, outraged and excited by an experience they will never forget.

Lenght: 01:29:31

Year: 1987

Director: Jane Waters

Jacqueline Lorians

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