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Bubble Butts 17

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An accounting executive by day, lovely Meekah (our cover girl) knows well how to hide her earnings. Meanwhile, priding himself on his thorough audits, Don “The Peter Prober” digs deep inside her back pocket to uncover her most hidden assets. Where keeping house is concerned, Summer Knight’s newest servant, Autumn definately has her priorities straight. The house might be a disaster area, but Summer’s pussy and butt are tongue swabbed ten times daily to a sparkling sheen you could eat off. Holy Cow. When Paul steps into his backyard to find his East Indian girlfriend hotter than his bubbling Jacuzzi. He feels the need to douse the smoldering embers a bit. He sneaks up behind her to give her behind the back door hosing of her life.

Lenght: 01:19:56

Year: 1993

Director: Bobby Hollander

Ashley Phillips

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