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L’initiation pornographique de Virginie

cda92a64cfrginie Linitiation pornographique de Virginie

Virginie is a lonely posh lady who has sex dreams at night (1st scene: a false blonde with an unknown man). She experiences them as nightmares and feels very deperessed. One day as she is strolling along the River Seine, she meets Sophie who is a hippy (at least dressed like one) and what Virginie has always dreamed of being – free. Virginie takes her home and soon, Sophie suggests making love. Cue a Lesbian scene filmed by a frozen stiff camera. No emotion, no sensuality. Two mere performers performing. If you want my opinion it tries to be esthetic, but manages only to be boring.

Lenght: 01:11:14

Year: 1979

Director: Bob Wade

Barbara Moose

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