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Couples fideles echangent

f80a707f7aangent Couples fideles echangent

4 friends decide to play to the “game of truth”. The question : would you have sex with the wife of one of your friends ? “No” answer the 4 friend’s one after each other, “we would never do that”, but flashbacks will show us that they all are liars. The 4 wives arrive. The 4 friends go to the garden to exercise while their 4 wife’s stay in the house bathing together and remembering the nice sex afternoon they spent together. Later, the 4 couples have a nice orgy because friendship means sharing everything and especially what ones sherish the most : his wife. At the end one of the women proposes to the play to the “game of truth”…..

Lenght: 01:01:21

Year: 1985

Director: Joe de Palmer

Christopher Clark

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