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The Tycoons Daughter

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The Tycoon’s Girl has been “took by three unknown desperados.” But not to worry. One of the desperados is Marc Stevens, so you know where this caper is headed. “This is ridiculous!” exclaims the female desperado, and the Deviate concurs. But, of course, the whole point here is fun, the ridiculous kind of fun which Stevens’ movies usually offered in large doses. Hardcore sex and heavy-handed humor went together like cock-rings and soady-pop in a Stevens’ flick. In this case, in addition to the fun and games, there’s the presence of the actress playing the girl — a peach-bosomed angel with a slight speech impediment whose cocksucking blew the Deviate away. Anyway, as they fuck their way across farm country, Stevens and company have a grand old time or it, cracking up over flubbed lines, ad-libbing, screwing up names, commenting on the script, etc. You can’t help but like a movie so wonderfully at ease with itself.


Year: 1975

Director: Warren Evans

Judy Craven

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