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My Little Si

f2553d53b1tle si My Little Si

So she arranges for some of her hypersexual pals — who include RENE BOND and RIC LUTZE — to provide li’l with her much-needed cumuppance. Of course, any movie offering Suzanne and Rene together in hardcore scenes is a treasure and a treat, and makes up in spades for the lame dubbed dialogue that almost makes this a comedy. Rest assured, the visuals are what this one’s all about. When Rene and Suzanne get it on together, the old pagan gods are smiling down from their forgotten heaven. Also on offer here is one of Rene’s most lyrical blowjobs, which had the Deviate smiling from ear to shining ear. Goodtime ’70s hardcore.


Year: 1971

Director: N/A

Suzanne Fields

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