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Your Neighborhood Doc

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A pretty cute woman visits Your Neighborhood Doc with the usual complaint: every day, a cuckoo bird comes out of her snatch. Yes, that’s what she says. Naturally, the Doc — a staunch practitioner of heteropathic medicine — finds this most interesting. “Right out of this little hole?” he asks, zeroing in on the afflicted orifice. He first tries to coax the cuckoo bird out with his fingers. When that doesn’t work, he uses his tongue. He finally sends his cuckoo bird in after her cuckoo bird and the operation is a success. As the patient says while ogling his rigid manhood. “That’s the cuckoo bird I’ve been looking for!” Meanwhile, the Doc’s two lovely nurses take care of all the male patients who drop into the office. These guys all have cuckoo birds of their own and the nurses know exactly how to treat them. They begin with a therapeutic blowjob. Then comes the healing twat massage, applied to the face of mouth of the patient. This is followed closely by deep muscle stimulation, rhythmic probing, and a cum shot which usually cures the cuckoo bird of its rigor sexus, thank God. This one’s a hot howler from the bygone era of Lunatic Porn.You’d be cuckoo to miss it. When the Doc is done, The Pussy Hunters take over. While their husbands go hunting, horny housewives ANDY BELLAMY, “America’s Canned Corn Queen,” and BECKY SHARPE (nubile star of the smut classic The Teaser) cool their jets back in a cabin by playing in a bathtub with a floating dildo.


Year: 1972

Director: N/A

Keith Erickson

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