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Missus Littles Dude Ranch

0401e2e232ranch Missus Littles Dude Ranch

Saddle up, pardners, for a horny hoedown as “Boris Ballsitch,” a captain in the Russian Private Service, travels to America to experience our “capitalistic ways”. What better place than at a whorehouse? He winds up at “The Dude Ranch” and meets a cast of characters that sound like they walked off the pages of a Charles Dickens novel. There’s “Jack Ticklewell,” “Long John the Handyman,” and “Miss Little,” the golden-haired proprietor of the Nude, er, I mean Dude Ranch (played by Mona’s mum JUDY ANGEL) where Boris (a fat Wolfman Jack) look-alike with a sloppy accent and eyes) is introduced to the tender loins of Miss Little’s nasty nymphos. After much vulgarity and hilarity (including a big poolside poke) his dick’s as shriveled up as Norman Bate’s mum. Boris finds out American girls are as addictive as Lays Potato Chips. Betcha can’t eat just one!


Year: 1972

Director: N/A

Judy Angel

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