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Sex Asylum

c56436fdf5asylum Sex Asylum

Sex Asylum is another happy little tale. The Mayville Detention Home caters to sexually-disturbed female mental patients. They’re locked behind bars and are given “treatment” by Dr. Thorton and a chubby dyke named Nurse Johnson. The love dolls’ problems include “Phallic Fixation” and “Nymphomania”. There’s Mrs. Flowers (“Get me out of this fucking place! Oh God”"). Miss Benson (who hasn’t been the same since she saw Mom blow dad) and “Frigid Phyllis” who gets fucked by the guards. RENE BOND plays Miss Scott, who gets her cooch mauled by Nurse Johnson. They don’t call her the “Head Nurse” for nothing …


Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Charlotte Holstein

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