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Grundys School Mr Stockwell

ba299aa560ckwell Grundys School Mr Stockwell

The chief adornment of this no-frills pic is an early performance by the wonderful Barbara Caron (aka Barbara Mills). She has a sex scene, pretty silly, with an older guy playing the school janitor and even tries out her Irish accent. It’s not bad, and neither is her acting, even though the script was probably written on a matchbook cover. Her encounter with Suzanne Fields is a little more realistic-looking, but the erotic level is not helped by Cuisinart editing. It looks as if the scene was shot in full from 3 or 4 angles and all of that footage was then spliced together in short cuts, in random order. Or, more likely, much of the picture was shot on film ends, making short takes mandatory. Even in 1969-70 money, it’s hard to imagine the budget went much over $1000.


Year: 1970

Director: N/A

Suzanne Fields

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